Friday, June 29, 2012

Matthew's First Area!!

Hello everybody! I am now in my first area- Trowbridge with mty first
companion, Elder von Allmen! We usually don't get to email on Fridays
but since we just got to the area I get to email everyone :) also I
lied to everyone, my P-Days are actually on Mondays so yeah I'll be
writing on Monday. I get two hours of email time and can pretty much
email anyone except for other Elders in my mission. So email away,
everyone! I should be able to reply to the majority of them. Also, I
have my new address.

Elder Matthew Frederickson
5 Broadcloth Lane
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
BA14 7HE
So yeah, everyone write me, okay? Speaking of which, I got SOOO much
mail at the mission home hahaha best feeling ever. The lady there said
she'd never seen someone have so much mail waiting for them at the
mission home, everyone was jealous. I had letters from Amy, Sarah,
Jenn, a couple from Becky and Grandma, Ariana, Andrew, and Macey.
Thank you guys SO MUCH! I'm gonna write everyone back over the next
few days, okay? So you all should get letters from me next week. Also
99% sure this will be my address for the next 12 weeks, potentially
more. So yeah.

SOOOO much has happened the last few days so I'll just launch right
in. Tuesday was a LONG day, we had workshops all day and no physical
activity so that was kind of a bummer but that's okay. It was all
worth it in the end, because we had an incredible testimony meeting
where almost everyone in our MTC group spoke. It's amazing to me how
close we all came just through three weeks of learning about the
gospel. I miss them so much already. After the testimony, we all sang
"God Be With You Til We Meet Again." It was a great moment. To end the
night, we had some cookies and stuff in President and Sister Walkers
apartment, which is in the MTC. It's way nice.  After that, I packed
and stuff which took til midnight. I'm a terrible packer hahaha I
always wait til the last minute.

The next morning we had to wake up at 5 AM (yikes) and
shower/shave/get ready to leave. I had some toast and bid farewell to
the MTC Presidency and the England London missionaries. Then, at 6:30,
we boarded a bus with all the London South and Birmingham missionaries
and took off. We made a stop at the Birmingham mission home, dropped
them off, then said some goodbyes. A lot of the good friends I made at
the MTC are going to Birmingham so that was a bummer. We then got back
on the bus and rode another 2.5 hours to the London South mission
home, which is at the London Temple. We were greeted by the Mission
Presidency and moved our luggage under the visitors center and then
found out we were staying the night there which was pretty cool.
Afterwards we had some training with the APs (Assistants to the
President) and had interviews with President Shamo. I'm so bummed that
we only had him as our mission president for two days, he is so
awesome. Anyways, we then got our trainers! Mine is Elder von Allmen
from Switzerland. He is so cool! I think we are gonna get along very
well. He has only been out 4.5 months so combined our companionship
has only been out 4.5 months and our district has only been out a
combined 13.5 months. So that should be an adventure. The other
missionaries in our district are serving in Bath, we drove through it
and it's SOOOO NICE. Funny story about getting assigned trainers-
while we were having our Q/A session with the APs, there was this
elder who said he came from Provo. He had a really negative attitude
and at one point had a phone that went off, so we were all thinking
this guy is nuts/apostate/genius for managing to have a cell phone
throughout his entire MTC time. When asked why he wanted to be here he
was like "parents." When they were assigning trainers, it turned out
he was actually someones trainer hahahahaha he'd been out for a year.
It was so funny. He's training my friend, Elder Erickson, and they are
going to one of the channel islands! So jealous haha those are
apparently so awesome.

After that, we took a group picture and heard from President and
Sister Shamo. They gave a great message. It was pretty emotional
because it was their last night in the mission field. It was a great
way to end the night though. I then read all my letters and went to
bed. The next morning, we got to do a temple session, which was
awesome, but something crazy happened... at the VERY end of the
session (a couple of people were already in the Celestial room) the
fire alarm went off... so yeah. We all evacuated the temple in the
middle of the session. It was SO strange and kind of hilarious. No one
really knew what to do. We were all just standing around in our temple
clothes. After like ten minutes we went back inside and finished the
session. It was great. Everyone was like "oh this is going in my
journal tonight."

After that we just hung around for a while, because the van driving
the missionaries in the Bristol Zone (where I am) didn't leave for
like two hours. We then drove out to our area, but we first dropped
off some missionaries in Bristol and Bath. Seriously guys, Bath is the
coolest place ever. It's awesome. We drove by a castle that apparently
is owned/is the primary residency of Nicholas Cage? Pretty sweet.
After that, we FINALLY arrived at our house (that's right, me and
Elder von Allmen have a HOUSE) at 8ish. We went shopping for dinner
and just hung around for a little while. It was nice. The house is so
great. It's two stories. Downstairs is a kitchen and living room (with
our study desks) and upstairs is the bedroom and a room where we keep
our clothes and a bathroom. We even have a little backyard. It's

As for Trowbridge, it's awesome. Our area includes Twobridge and 5 or
6 little towns around it. We don't have a car though, it's all
walking. I'm gonna be walking about 8-10 miles every day! Talk about a
good workout! We live in a sweet little neighborhood. I like it a lot.
I'm so excited to serve here. Apparently the work is slow, but we'll
see if we can change that :) also the ward here has like 100 people
and my companion says its way awesome. So that should be great. Also
Johnny Depp's house is in my area so we're gonna knock on his door so
be jealous everybody.

So yeah, that's about everything! I'll send some pictures of the house
and stuff.

Other things
-You all should email me because I have so much time to email hahaha
-From now on, send me letters and packages to the address on here, NOT
the mission home... simply because I only get those every few weeks.
-Letters might take even less time to arrive now, because I'm way far east.
-Keep sending me pictures! Whether over email or letters, I'm not picky.

I think that's it! Love you guys so much! I'm so happy I am here doing
the work of the Lord, it is such a priveledge to serve Him. Can't wait
to give you an update on Monday!

With love,
Elder Matthew Frederickson

First Area!

First missionary house!

Visit from Elder Jensen

MTC President - Elder and Sister Walker

Fish and chips!  Welcome to England!

MTC - singing at Stake conference.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Latest from Elder Frederickson: "Leaving the MTC!"

This was written to be sent tomorrow, but turns out I had a bit of time to send it tonight! :)

Hey family/friends!

How are you guys doing? Good, I hope. I don't have TOO much time to write, but I'll get down as much stuff as possible. It's hard to believe that it is my last day in the MTC! I leave EARLY tomorrow morning for the mission home. Once we get there, we will have lunch and get assigned our areas. I will probably be teaching that night. It's so hard to believe how fast the past three weeks have flown by. I feel so prepared and beyond excited to begin serving the people of the England London South Mission.
We went street contacting again yesterday in Manchester. We were going to go on Friday, but it was raining so much that they decided to switch Fridays schedule with yesterdays. We had SO much more success this time. We talked to many people and were able to get our message across quite well, in my humble opinion. The coolest experience by far, however, was on the train back to Chorley. Right when we got on the train, a couple other Elders and I started talking to a man. As we got to know him, we discovered that he had been sentanced to 20 years and prison, but had been released ten years early that day. He was on the train to a rehab center, because he wanted to change his life. Three months befre he was released he discovered Christianity and gained a testimony of Christ. He told us about his son and how he loved him. We were able to teach him about the concept of eternal families and a bit more about the church. We then gave him a Book Of Mormon and told him to read and pray about it. The joy on that mans face was amazing, especially when we told him it was free. It is incredible to me how the Lord prepares people to receive the gospel. Just thinking about it- finding a man on a train from Manchester, on a day we weren't even supposed to be there, who had been released 10 years early from prison THAT DAY... it's just so powerful.

Sunday was also a great day. We sang again, this time in the Chorley 1st ward. That was a bunch of fun. Then, in the afternoon, we all gathered in the Chapel and each of us shared something we loved about our country and then sang our national anthems. There were many beautiful moments, as people expressed such deep love for their country. USA's wasn't as heartfelt because there were like 15 of us singing together and half the people just said they missed the NFL hahaha but that's okay. That night, we heard from President Walker and President Williams about the Atonement, then we watched an incredibly powerful message from Elder Holland called "Feed My Sheep." It really made me change the way I think about the church and missionary work. I don't know if these devotionals are available to the general public, but if they are then WATCH THEM. They are fantastic.

I am getting both excited and nervous for tomorrow! It's defnitely going to be a big day. I'll let you all know my new address as soon as I get it! Just a general note, if any of you have sent letters to the address I posted on Facebook, I have not got them yet! I will get them tomorrow! From now on, though, my address will be updated on Facebook whenever I move areas. I'll be in my first area for two transfers (12 weeks) at the minimum. That's a new policy- you stay with your trainer in your first area for two transfers. I can't wait to see all the letters I KNOW you all sent me. :)

Other things

  • Congratulations to Elder Burnett... the people of Argentina are so blessed to have you serving there as a missionary. I'm so excited for you. Thank you so much to Mom, Amy, and Sister Eliason for following through for me, you guys rock! 
  • I think the best way to get me money is to just put it on the card you guys gave me and then I'll take it out at an ATM and have it exchanged? I don't know, let's try that and see how it works.
  • Turns out that the only Olympic events in my mission are Sailing and Beach Volleyball hahahahaha so yeah doesn't look like I'll be going to either of those, but that's okay!
  • Apparently, Alex Boye MIGHT be doing an England tour in the next year. If this is the case, that would be awesome.
  • A nice umbrella would be nice, I don't think the 5 Poud one I got last week will last much longer.
  • It never gets dark here, it's still pretty light out until like 11 PM. It's crazy.
  • If any other people I know are reading this and get their mission calls (Dabrick, Joey, etc.) then LET ME KNOW hahaha via email or writing. Or both.
  • Thank you so much to mom, Aunt Becky, and Grandma/Grandpa Frederickson for the letters! They made me happy! :)
  • Keep sending pictures okay? I miss your faces and do not want to forget what they look like.
  • Thank you so much for all the emails! I will do my best to reply to them all! Keep emailing!
  • My P Days in the field are on Wednesdays, so I think the next time you'll hear from me is next Wednesday. We shall see though, I'm not gonna pretend like I know everything hahaha.

That's about all I have for now! I love you all so much. I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to serve. The things that I'm teaching every day are true. The Lord has allowed me to witness miracles already, and I'm not even in the field yet. My testimony has grown so much, and I can't wait to share it with both those I teach in England and to the people reading this. Don't take my word for it though, that would just be silly. Read the Book Of Mormon. Pray about it. Find out for yourself. You will know it's true.


Matthew Frederickson

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 2 - Letter 3

Hey family and friends!
I'm typing out my letter in Microsoft Notepad, so as to not use any of my mail time... this time, I'll get to say everything I want to! Hahaha. This last week in the MTC has certainly been an eventful one! For me, the two highlights of the week were street contacting in Manchester last Friday and the church history tour we went on on Sunday.
Street contacting in Manchester was a fantastic experience. It was nice to get out of the MTC, sometimes you just feel a little cooped up in here! That's okay though. I was fairly confident about the whole street contacting thing... until we got out there! It was actually the most nerveracking thing I have ever done. Going out there and talking to random people on the streets? Pretty tough! Also it rained the whole time so I had to buy an umbrella while I was there, not sure why we didn't get one but that's okay haha it was only like 5 pounds. So since it was raining, there was a small portion of the main street that was covered by a pedestrain bridge above it, so me and three other Elders were standing under it so as to stay dry. We stood under there for like five minutes, until this random homeless guy walks up to us and says "okay, I can tell yall are rookies... so I'm here to give you a pep talk. The message you are spreading to people is important... now, I'm going to count to ten, and yall BETTER be talking to some people! GO GIVE 'EM SOME JOSEPH!" It was hilarious. We then talked to five people and they all walked away when we introduced ourselves! How rude! But we were able to give away one Book Of Mormon, so that felt good! :) Also, while I was there I had fish and chips for the first time.  Soooo tasty but probably the greasiest thing I have ever eaten in my life. True story. So yeah, street contacting was fantastic. Although I was humbled a bit (something we all need every once in a while), it was great to see Manchester, get out of the MTC, and practice spreading the gospel.
On Sunday, we went on a church histroy tour. It was so awesome. We departed at 8 AM and drove out to Preston. The first place we saw was the obelisk. The obelisk was at the center of the market, and was where the first missionaries held their sermons. We also learned that when President Hinckley went there, he and his companion sang songs on soapboxes and then preached to the crowd! President Hinckley's crowd was not as receptive as the early missionaries, however, and they were heckled... by professional hecklers. Apparently, those existed back then! Who knew? After that, we saw the lodgings of the first missionaries. By that, I mean we saw the exterior of a long-rotted, very messy building haha apparently it was offered to the church, but they did not want it. Then, we walked down to Avenham Park and there were these sweet Japanese Gardens and a flag-plant with this crown that they just put in for the Queens Jubilee (I know that's an awful description but I'm sending a picture of it hahaha.) This park is right by the River Ribble, where hundreds of early saints were baptized. Over 9000 people watched at the park! They were astounded that American missionaries were baptizing by immersion. It was unusual to them. After that, we walked through some trails, and eventually ended up at the Wadham Road house! For those of you who don't know, that is where President Hinckley lived when he first became a missionary. It's where he got the "Forget yourself and go to work!" letter. I didn't get a chance to talk about this last week, but Sister Walker (the MTC Presidents wife) is President Hinckleys daughter, so it was way cool to hear some far more personal insight about President Hinckleys missionary experiences. We then boarded the coach again and went up to this little town about 15 miles north called Downham... I think that is what its called, I honestly can't remember. But it was AWESOME. I'll send some pictures, everything is EXACTLY how it was when the missionaries went there. They literally baptized the entire town. the surrounding countryside is also gorgeous. There's a hill near by where there apparently were some witches that were tried and executed but that's not really relevant... but President Walker told us that and I found it interesting hahaha our last stop was a little river near Downham where thousands- not hundreds, thousands, were baptized. The spirit was so strong there. What a fantastic experience.
The rest of Sunday was quite eventful. We attended the Chorley Stake Conference and sang as a missionary choir. It was pretty sweet but it was also really hot so a lot of people (not me!) fell asleep, it was pretty funny because we were on the stand. On Sunday night, we had a fireside and I sang I Stand All Amazed. It felt really good to sing by myself and a lot of people told me how good it was, so that obviously was awesome haha we also talked about tithing with the MTC presidency, I learned a lot. After that, we had a Q & A session with the presidency and their wives. There were some really interesting questions and I definitely left that meeting feeling enlightened. We finished the day by watching a fireside that was given by Elder Ballard at the Provo MTC in April. The message was excellent. Oh, something else cool that happened last week- Marlon Jensen and his wife came to speak to us and I guess they are 70s so that was pretty sweet.
So, yeah. I am LOVING the MTC. Elder Astle is my only companion now, Elder Grachev is with a new Elder who got here last Tuesday because of Visa stuff. He was in Provo for a week before he got here. Next Wednesday, I leave the MTC! THAT is hard to believe. By next Wednesday night (or afternoon, for you guys) I'll be in my first area! I don't think I'll be able to email next Tuesday but I'm not positive so we will see.
A couple of general notes
-I have gotten a letter from Mom and two letters from Katherine and LOVED them both. Thank you guys so much! I'm hoping there are more on the way :) also if any of you write me, send it to the mission home because they won't get to the MTC in time. When I get to my first area, I'll email you guys my flat address and you can write me there! Apparently, you only get letters that are sent to the mission home once a month so yeah, it would be ideal if you wrote to my flat address
-Once I'm out in the field, I'll have MUCH more time to email. So, post my email on Facebook and stuff so people know that :) for those reading this from my blog that wanna email me, its also, about Facebook, if anyone writes on my wall or something, let me know hahaha I don't really care but I suppose it would be interesting!
-I still don't know where Matt is going on his mission... you all have failed me in this regard. When I find out, you will all be forgiven!
-These are some addresses I would like, because I wanna tell them stuff/update them on things/hear how they are doing... Andrew Kovalenko's, Wade's BYU address, Harrison and Cole's summer camp address. If you guys are reading this, email me and let me know, okay? I have stuff I want to tell you :)
-KEEP WRITING, my day is MADE when I get letters.
-I still don't know how the NBA finals are going... update please?
Um... yeah, that's about all I have for now. I'll send some pictures later this afternoon. Love you all!
-Elder Frederickson

PS - Send me pictures of you guys! This goes to all of you hahaha everyone else here has tons of photos of their friends and family and I don't have any... it's a bit depressing. So yeah send me pictures, okay? :)
Me and Elder Wood in a phone booth

Scenery in Downham
Me doing the Barney Stinson "I never take a bad picture" pose during a class break
President Hinckley's first missionary lodgings
President and Sister Walker standing in front of, talking about the River Ribble
The obelisk in Preston

Me in front of the thing I described in the email
Me in Downham

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday is My New Favorite Day! - Letter #2

Hello everyone! My first week at the MTC has been absolutely fantastic. I have so much to say and so little time to say it in, so I guess I'll just work backwards and launch right in! We just got back from ASDA (basically British WalMart) and that was pretty great. I got some Mountain Dew (which is apparently an energy drink here haha oops) and it was kinda gross. I asked Brother Mount, the guy who drove us, if it was against mission rules to drink it and he asked me if it said that we cou;dn't have Mountain Dew in the Doctrine and Covenants to which I obviously replied no haha he's a great guy.
This morning we were able to go to the Preston Temple for the first time since we got here, which was awesome. It's so much smaller than the DC Temple, which was a little weird but cool at the same time. The grounds around it (and the MTC) are way cool. There's tons of trees and flowers everywhere, it's gorgeous. England sure lives up to it's rainy reputation hahaha it was raining when we got off the plane in Manchester and literally didn't stop until Sunday morning during church. At that point, we finally got some sun. Speaking of Sundays in the MTC, they are LONG... but I love it! Church starts at nine and then besides meals we are hearing talks and being spiritually enriched all day. Sunday night we watched a great devotional that Elder Bednar gave in the Provo MTC called "Is it the Holy Ghost, or just me?" If any of you have the time, I highly recommend checking it out! It's a great message, one that especially spoke to me, because of my tendancy to stress over silly things! :)
I won't lie, I was very homesick the first few days, but I think I'm pretty much over that. They work us ALL day, but I love it... I have already grown so much as a missionary and a teacher. It's great. I haven't got any letters yet but that's okay hahaha hopefully soon. I have never appreciated sleep more than I do now! I have NO trouble going to bed at 10:30 and, surprisingly enough, waking up at 6:30 isn't that bad either! Well, getting up isn't, but STAYING up sometimes can be! Don't worry though, I'm not falling asleep in class! One of the coolest things about the England MTC is that it's both really small and has people from all over the world! We have about 30 missionaries here in our group and I'd say about 12 or 13 of them come from another country. I've learned so much about other cultures since I've gotten here and I absolutely love it. There are people from Russia, India, Sweden, New Zealand, the Phillipines, and Australia. It's fascinating.
Strange as it may sound, I actually have two companions! Elder Astle, a 6'7 blondie from Riverton Utah, and Elder Grachev, who is from Moscow Russia! How neat is that? A very unique, but awesome combo. It can be a bit difficult having two companions, but we manage. One thing that I definitely wasn't anticipating about the mission was what having a companion really meant, how they ALWAYS have to be with you hahaha even when you're going to the bathroom, they have to stand right outside and wait for you! That was a bit frustrating for me at first, but I think I've gotten used to it. One thing that I got used to surprisingly fast was not having a phone. It must just be a blessing haha cause I haven't missed it at all. At first it was a little weird because I'd think to myself "what time is it?" and I'd reach into my pocket and be like "oh whoops" hahaha :)
Almost everyone who is in the MTC here is serving in the London South, London, or Birmingham mission. It's a lot of fun making friends who will be in my mission before I get out there. I'm excited to get out into the field, I LOVE the MTC but I just want to be out there teaching actual investigators and making an actual difference haha. Also, our MTC 1st Counselor, President Williams, said that missionaries might be sent to usher and volunteer at the Olympics... I sure hope I get to do that, that would be LEGENDARY (had to throw in a How I Met Your Mother reference hahaha.) Speaking of which, Elder Grachev also loves How I Met Your Mother, but he doesn't get any of my references because they are in English instead of Russian. But it's cool cause I learned how to say "legen... wait for it... DARY" in Russian. So yeah be jealous. Also, I'm singing at a fireside on Sunday because they liked my voice so that should be awesome! :) Not sure what I'm singing though hahaha.
I'm going to include a couple of pictures if I have time. Sorry mom, but they are pretty strict about when and where we can use our cameras! We aren't allowed to use them in our rooms or in the classrooms or pretty much anywhere inside the MTC. So yeah sorry hahaha but there will be plenty once I get into the field! Anyways, how are things at home? I still haven't heard where Matt Burnett is going on his mission, can someone find that out and tell me? Also I don't have very much money, because apparently the Brits don't value the American dollar as much as we anticipated. So I have like 30 pounds, I had 35 but I bought the Mountain Dew and a little pin for my ties that is love in sign language ha probably a waste of money but I thought it was pretty sweet. I sent out a couple of letters to people yesterday so hopefully those will arrive soon! I'm gonna try and write a few more today and send them out tomorrow.
Anyways I'm pretty much out of time! Love you guys, write me and stuff! The work is hard but the work is great! :)
-Elder Frederickson
Pic 1: me and Elder Astle

Friday, June 8, 2012

First Pictures from the Preston MTC

Here are a few pictures of Matthew sent from the Presidency of the Preston MTC.  So grateful to see his face and get a picture of what life is like there.   Also - I like that he is in the Alma Zone! :)  And it looks like he is in a trio?? Can you believe how beautiful the views from all the windows are?

Early Morning Arrival

Welcome Meeting

Writing home!! :)
Not sure what they are doing ;)

Alma Zone! I think the Elders to his right and left are his companions

Whole Alma Zone!

Beautiful Cafeteria

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So - I thought I would give you a glimpse of where Matthew is for the next 3 weeks.  Here is a picture of the Preston MTC. As you can see - it is really a beautiful place. I am so happy he is there. 

First letter!!!!

So, as you've probably gathered from the subject, I have arrived safely in England! The flight to Atlanta was pretty boring, I must say. Once I got to the Atlanta airport and found my gate, I was greeted by about thirteen other Elders- they had all flown in from Salt Lake and were also going to the MTC. That was pretty cool, but it was weird being the only person from the east coast. We all went to exchange our money for British pounds... either we got a really bad deal or the American dollar simply doesn't hold that much value haha because I got like a pound for every two dollars. There was also a guy named Jesus on our flight who had served in the London mission and was going back to visit with his sister. He was awesome and gave us some advice and stuff. The flight to England itself was LONG. I was kind of bummed I didn't get to sit next to any of the other elders hahaha but that's okay, I slept almost the entire time! :) That being said, I was still pretty wiped when we landed in Manchester. Once you got into the Manchester airport, you could immidiately tell that we were not in America anymore- no restaurants or gift shops or anything! It was hard to believe. We then got our baggage and boarded a bus to Preston. The whole "drving on the left side of the road" thing might take a while to get used to! I was kind of internally freaking out just because it looked so strange haha also we drove past this giant building right off the highway for "indoor skydiving", soooo random!
Anyways, after about forty minutes of driving, we disembarked at the England MTC. We all went into a big room and met with the MTC President and he gave us a list of things we need to do. It's nice because you get to do things in whatever order you want, I'm really enjoying the flexibility. I have already met with the Mission President's wife and registered for the NHS but I still need to visit with the MTC President... but that's okay because I have like four hours to do that hahaha. Contrary to Elder Redd's advice, we actually get to take a nap today :) if we finish all of our tasks in a timely manner, that is. I actually don't know who my companion is yet, but there's this big meeting tonight where we find out so that should be sweet. There are two other Elders in my room and I recall one of them saying they were from Spain! (thought mom might find that interesting) The other guy in the room is from Utah. Actually, about two thirds of the people that reported today are from Utah haha I'm not sure if that's typical, but they all seemed like pretty cool guys. While I was talking to one of the Elders at the airport, I found out that he stayed in Budge as well! He lived on 3100 so he knows Keaton and Francis haha so yeah that's pretty awesome.
Right above my computer is a map of my mission, it shows all of the stakes, wards, and branches. My mission actually doesn't that many areas in London, but regardless all of the areas look interesting. Anyways, how are you guys doing? I want to hear everything! Also, friends: I wrote a few letters on the plane, but I don't have anyones address so write me so I can write you! I don't know how long it will take for the letters to get here though. We'll see I guess. Dad, do you think you could let me know how the Nats have done the last few games/what's happening in the NBA playoffs? I know those are petty things to think about, but hey, I'm curious! :)
Alright, well I have two and a half minutes left of computer time so I suppose I should wrap up. My P-days are on Tuesday so that's when you'll be hearing from me next. I love the England MTC- the spirit is strong and the scenery is beautiful! Oh, and the weather is rainy. Obviously.
Hope everyone/everything at home is splendid, I love you all.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Official!

Elder Frederickson was set apart at 10 pm tonight. 

We are so proud of him!