Friday, June 8, 2012

First Pictures from the Preston MTC

Here are a few pictures of Matthew sent from the Presidency of the Preston MTC.  So grateful to see his face and get a picture of what life is like there.   Also - I like that he is in the Alma Zone! :)  And it looks like he is in a trio?? Can you believe how beautiful the views from all the windows are?

Early Morning Arrival

Welcome Meeting

Writing home!! :)
Not sure what they are doing ;)

Alma Zone! I think the Elders to his right and left are his companions

Whole Alma Zone!

Beautiful Cafeteria


  1. What a comfort to see that smile. Beautiful setting for the MTC.

  2. I'm getting homesick for Preston. It's an absolutely beautiful place. I have such fond memories and reading this is taking me back!

  3. Looks like a good group of people and yes, it's great to see the Matthew-smile!!!