Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Morning!

Dear family and friends,

The work pushes onward in Worthing, as it does. Our investigator is doing amazing. We taught her about family history and has already dived into it, now trying to access some sort of census so she can find her great-great-great grandmother. I don't think I could name any ancestors beyond a couple of great grandparents! That is quite impressive.
Our other investigator is amazing. I've never taught anyone so prepared for baptism. She came to church yesterday, despite her fellowshippers not being there and despite the sting of adversity that is so typical for someone preparing for baptism. She is a kingdom builder, who will do great things in the service of God.
And we have an investigator who is ready for baptism. She mentioned that if it can't be October 12th, that she wants it to be this Saturday. We'll see, whatever happens, it will be for the best.

Everything is great. The District is doing wonderful. A big focus this week in our district is getting the members out working with us. I've always been a big time believer that the members need to TRUST you and LOVE you before any sort of referral can be discussed. I've found that the latter is simple enough, just being genuine and loving to everyone promotes a spirit of love. Trust, however, can be a bit tricky. I've found that the best way to earn trust is to literally work shoulder to shoulder with the members. Get them out working with you, no matter what you're doing. Working hard, together. These are the values I feel need to be instilled in those I have been given this sacred stewardship over. I'm encouraging the district to do this and we're doing all we can over here in Worthing to "practice what we preach."

Other highlights of the week included a lunch at Interwok, a medium-quality Chinese buffet with high-quality company, several miracles pertaining to the people discussed above, and a little bit of rain to keep things interesting.

On a more reverent and serious note, I'd like to take a short moment to remember my good friend Peter Maughan, who passed away last week. Though the time that I knew him was relatively short (he lived on my hall at BYU) he was an amazing friend. I literally never saw him without a smile on his face. He was bold, but not over bearing... confident, but not cocky. He was so kind ; he would never judge a soul, and it would have very easy to have judged me. He was inclusive, he always tried to make sure everyone was happy and loved. Although it was hard to hear of his passing, I know that someday, if I prove worthy, I will see him again. I know this, because I have asked my Eternal Father and he has confirmed this to me by the power of the Holy Ghost. How grateful I am for the peace that this gospel brings. It is true. Please keep his family in your prayers this week.

I love you all and pray for as many of you as I can each day,
Elder Frederickson


Monday, September 16, 2013

A Crisp Autumn Morning

It's been a good week. We saw our good friend on the street the other day who yelled at us for 10 minutes about how "JESUS DROVE THE MONEY CHANGERS FROM THE TEMPLE!" and how we're "sucking the life out of his community" Hmmmm. Interesting side-note, he had about 20 rings on and was walking his poodle. He is a big fan of us, we see him often on the high street. Life as a missionary is always so interesting. :)

I spoke in church yesterday on the "miracle of the Restoration." It was a good experience! I still get nervous whenever I am asked to speak in church though. I loved being able to share the first vision over the pulpit!

We went on two exchanges last week! Elder Nohaingoinaina came to Worthing with me on Wednesday after a delicious district lunch at the Toby Carvery. Elder Gardner came to Worthing with me as well on Friday. Exchanges always make the week go by quicker, it seems.

Grandma- to answer your weekly inquiry, I don't do nearly as much singing as I should/as I would like to. The 15 months of no lessons have most definitely taken their toll! But I sing when I can. After the baptism last week, one of the members played the piano while a group of us sang in parts, so that was really fun.

I've put several pounds on since arriving to Worthing. I've decided to start having lighter lunches, cut down on eating out, and I've promised myself to make Kebabs a VERY RARE treat... like once a month TOPS (the obvious exception being after baptisms.)

The work is taking off! Members are amazing!

We taught a member referral, twice this week. The first thing she said after church was "I don't think I'll be able to do a Sacrament talk quite yet... they won't ask me, will they?" Let's just say she could not be more prepared. She told us that the Restoration "makes a lot of sense." Her member friend bore sincere testimony, putting power behind our teaching. 

The members are seeing things happening. They're excited to pitch in and do their part. They're motivated to take part in the Work of Salvation- now it's taking that motivation and turning it into ACTION!

One of our investigators is now married! We attended the wedding, the Spirit was strong. Both her and our other investigator are preparing for baptism on the 12th of October... I just wish it'd come sooner! :) I love this work and I love this ward.

I know the work to which I've been called is true. I love my companion, I love Worthing, I love the work. Take up Moroni's challenge, even if you've done it thirty times. Read the Book of Mormon and PRAY! You'll get an answer, the scriptures make that abundantly clear. :)

Family- I hope this letter is "newsy" enough :)

With love,
Elder Frederickson

PS the picture is of the coast! We live about two minutes away (walking) from here!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Good morning everyone! What a wonderful week it has been! It was an incredible experience to witness the baptism and confirmation of our investigator. The spirit at the service was strong, the support from the ward immense, and the presence of her non-member friends noticed. She walked out of the chapel yesterday with Visiting and Home Teachers assigned, some new manuals, and a smile stretching from one ear to the other. What joy!

The ward is amazing. This week, one of the members brought a friend to church. She heard us talking about dinner appointments with another member and jumped in "I'd love to feed you guys!" This (new) investigator is a single sister so we quickly explained our rules, at just that moment a member jumped in and said they'd feed us AND the investigator, and that afterwards we can "share a little about what we do." Things are moving, and it's wonderful.

As usual, I was humbled in a host of ways last week, but that's the way we grow. Perhaps as we grow closer to God, the experiences we have need to be even more humbling... but hey, I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose now more than ever, and am truly putting in a better effort than ever before.

At the end of last week, we received a call from an 18 year old girl girl asking "what do I need to do to be baptised a member of your church?" More on that next week- we'll see where it goes :) miracles are real. 

The transfer is halfway done. Ummm. Don't like that AT ALL!

I'll attach a quick picture of Elder Cullimore and I before the baptism looking beautiful.

I know that the work we do is of our Father in Heaven. It's His masterful plan, all we have to do is allow us to be His hands. That's when we feel pure happiness. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Photos From Across the Pond!

Good Morning!

Hello everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates- the last two weeks have been SO hectic. We had the priveledge of doing a session in the London Temple last week (we did not get to see the new video... bummer) and the week before that was moves. Things are starting to settle down now, though. Life is good! 
It wasn't just P-Day that was hectic last week- the whole week was crazy. We had Zone Training on Tuesday and District Leader Council before that, so we had to be in Crawley for like 8 AM haha. We woke up at 5:30 and got a lift from an incredibly kind member. The next two days, I was on exchange. Exchanged with the Crawley Zone Leaders on Wednesday/Thursday and with Littlehampton on Thursday/Friday. They were both incredibly effective- I learned so much! I can't wait to apply all the things that I learnt throughout the week.

On Saturday, the Ward has a summer fair! It was a great missionary/fundraising activity. We were there helping out from 7:30 AM to 3. 

Our investigators are doing wonderful. One will be baptized this Saturday, we could not be more excited! Her interview will be Wednesday. I am sure that all will go well. The ward here is wonderful and are really providing the help that we need (because, honestly, we can't do anything without them.)

This week I hit my 15 month mark. It is so hard to believe. It's starting to scare me how fast the time is starting to fly. My time remaining in England really is short- I need to step up my game, turn the balance of my mission over to Heavenly Father, and then give His work everything that I have. I hope and pray that I can be the instrument in His hands to bring a soul to salvation.

I love you all so much! :) Sorry there isn't more detail haha.

With love,
Elder Frederickson