Thursday, September 12, 2013


Good morning everyone! What a wonderful week it has been! It was an incredible experience to witness the baptism and confirmation of our investigator. The spirit at the service was strong, the support from the ward immense, and the presence of her non-member friends noticed. She walked out of the chapel yesterday with Visiting and Home Teachers assigned, some new manuals, and a smile stretching from one ear to the other. What joy!

The ward is amazing. This week, one of the members brought a friend to church. She heard us talking about dinner appointments with another member and jumped in "I'd love to feed you guys!" This (new) investigator is a single sister so we quickly explained our rules, at just that moment a member jumped in and said they'd feed us AND the investigator, and that afterwards we can "share a little about what we do." Things are moving, and it's wonderful.

As usual, I was humbled in a host of ways last week, but that's the way we grow. Perhaps as we grow closer to God, the experiences we have need to be even more humbling... but hey, I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose now more than ever, and am truly putting in a better effort than ever before.

At the end of last week, we received a call from an 18 year old girl girl asking "what do I need to do to be baptised a member of your church?" More on that next week- we'll see where it goes :) miracles are real. 

The transfer is halfway done. Ummm. Don't like that AT ALL!

I'll attach a quick picture of Elder Cullimore and I before the baptism looking beautiful.

I know that the work we do is of our Father in Heaven. It's His masterful plan, all we have to do is allow us to be His hands. That's when we feel pure happiness. 

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