Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Morning!

It has been a marvelous week here in Havant! Even though it is still chilly! This week should be good. Nothing particularily exciting. We went on exchange last week and I went to Portsmouth. I love going on exchange there, it is such a cool city.

Personally, I am continuing to focus on 100% exact obedience. This isn't always easy for me, but the blessings are endless! The fruits of obedience (as outlined in Chapter 6 of PMG) are an excellent motivation for me to continue to improve and grow. I have also learned that faith and obedience have a particularly strong impact on each other. This, too, has helped me in my quest to be more obedient.

Yesterday, we had an experience very similar to Elder Christensen's that he shared at Zone Conference the other week. We arrived at a families house for dinner and said dinner would be about 30 minutes. Elder Grachyov and I both looked at each other and without really thinking or speaking (I suppose that's what happens once you've served with someone for three months!) we knew what to do. We informed them that we would like to go knock some doors for the next thirty minutes and asked them if that would be alright. Not only did they tell us yes, but they directed us to a particular street AND told us about their neighbors. They told us they were not in, but that another day we should stop round them. They also provided a referral for us later on. Over all, we came out with three referrals! I am so grateful we made that decision. I hope to be able to again apply that principle when the opportunity arises.

While reading the Harvester the other day, I was particularily struck by one phrase that the APs said in their short (but enlightening) article. I can't remember the context or the exact use of words, but I do remember the specific wording of "driven to our knees." I pondered that a lot throughout the week. I came to understand what that meant on Sunday. As I mentioned before, we haven't had any investigators attend church over the last several weeks. This is a problem I've been blessed to not have thus far, so I didn't really know how to deal with it. I remember I said a prayer in the morning specifically asking that we have someone, just one person, come out to church. When Elder Grachyov and I prayed before we left for church, I again pleaded with the Lord for this. We arrived at the chapel and no one showed up. We passed the sacrament and afterwards, no one came in. I just couldn't believe it. What I did next might sound a bit strange. I leaned over and told Elder Grachyov and told him I needed the toilet. I went into the stall and got on my knees and silently pleaded to the Lord one more time. When we got back into the chapel, I saw no one. I then sat down. A minute or two later, I looked to my left. At the end of the row was someone who I had not seen before! He smiled at me, which I suppose was nice. After the meeting closed, we introduced ourselves and he told me a member friend had brought him. That member then approached us and asked if there was an investigator class that his friend could attend. I joyfully told him "There is now!" and grabbed one of the Ward Missionaries and we proceeded to teach him the first lesson right there in Gospel Principles. He is such an earnest seeker of truth and it was an amazing experience. I know that as we are "driven to our knees" and faithfully cry unto the Lord, He will provide answers and strengthen our testimonies.
I love all of you! I hope that everything is going well. Still not sure what the issue is with mail- the package that was sent three weeks ago still hasn't arrived? It seems to be taking one week exactly for letters, which is alright.
Have a wonderful week! :)
-Elder Frederickson

Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Morning!!!

Good morning everybody!
SO excited about all the mission calls I heard about today! It is so touching to me to see all of my friends getting called to serve around the world! :) It really is one of my favorite things about P-Day.
Not lots to report today. We have to do some teaching this afternoon, so our P-Day will be shorter than normal! We will be just cleaning and shopping.
The work is moving along wonderfully. It has certainly been a fantastic week! We set a goal of teaching 25 lessons this week and, despite being flogged thrice yesterday, we were able to achieve it- but only because we recognized that we could not do it without our Heavenly Father. This week we are again attempting to raise the bar and go for thirty. We know that it's possible, but we are going to have to stretch ourselves even more. It will be worth it. With assistance from our Father in Heaven, anything is possible.
Throughout my mission thus far, I've had several experiences which I like to call "turning points." For me, they've usually come once with every companion. I have had three so far. I had one of those turning points this week. I'm not sure what brought it on, but something changed after that Zone Conference on Wednesday. Although none of the quite firm rebukes directly applied to me, I still felt I needed to take things to another level. To lengthen my stride. To be EXACTLY obedient. To be obedient joyfully. Ever since that moment- things have yet again picked up. For one reason or another, that Zone Conference was a major turning point for me- possibly the most important one yet. Perhaps I've began crossing the bridge between the 3rd and 4th missionary (although this would be the second or third time that I've thought I've done that.) Regardless, I feel a deeper sense of consecration. I am happier. I am more dedicated. Things continue to change for the better.

I love this gospel. I love this area. I love this ward. I love my companion. I love my Savior. I suppose all of that is fitting, seeing as it was Valentines Day last week. My Valentine was my Preach My Gospel, if anyone was wondering.
It's so hard to believe that this transfer is almost half way done and that I've been out 8.5 months. That's just crazy. The time is absolutely FLYING. Weeks go by now and I don't notice!
Also, something else, I've noticed that it is taking a lot longer than normal for letters to get here for whatever reason... so yeah. That's a bummer. But not much can be done about that, I suppose.
Love you all so much!
Elder Frederickson

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Morning!

Good morning everybody!
It has been another excellent week here in Chichester/Havant. The work is progressing along nicely.
We have a Zone Conference in Reading on Wednesday where we will be trained on opening new areas, training, and things of that nature. I am incredibly excited, it'll be tons of fun.
Today we are having a Zone P-Day in Portsmouth that is designed to increase Zone Unity. It should be tons of fun! I think one of my favorite things about being in Havant now is that we only need a 15 minute bus ride to get to Portsmouth. Awesome.
It is impossible to be perfect, though I am trying my best. I have learned that more often than not, improving Christ-like attributes is a matter of "one step back, two steps forward." Though struggles are guarenteed, we can also guarentee even more success by constantly putting our trust in the Lord. Our goals this week are quite bold, but through the Lord all things are possible. As we follow Ammon's example, speaking and serving with "much boldness", we will see miracles.
Oh by the way... IT'S SNOWING. Very few of you will understand this. Those that do, send me an email and let me know. I just thought about it and I laughed for like five minutes. But really, it's actually snowing.
Also- I think I have now replied to the majority of the letters that I have received! I sent off four before we got to the library! :) My apologies to everyone that I am so awful at writing letters in a timely manner.
Hope everyone is amazing! :)

                                                                No comment :)

                                        Paying for pizza!  Love the English money!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Wonderful Week

Good morning! I am emailing today (FOR FREE!!!!!!) from the Havant library! We have to go back to Chichester to clean the old flat though :( it's fine.
This week was amazing! We moved in smoothly and had a wonderful baptism on Saturday- the first in Chichester for a year and a half. So obviously Saturday was really busy. The rest of the week was good. We just did all we could and saw lots of progress in the people we're teaching. We have seen miracles upon miracles daily. The work here is moving forward with immense power.
We had a scary few hours where we thought we didn't have hot water, but we do actually have hot water so it's okay.
This week I've gained a powerful testimony on the power of fasting. Fasting allows us to grow spiritually, and it strengthens our prayers. Everyone can see amazing things happen by simply forgetting themselves and fasting!
Everything is going so well. I love being a missionary! I know that this church is true and that as we read the scriptures, pray, and attend church, our testimonies will continually grow.
With love,
Elder Frederickson