Monday, November 12, 2012

Another rainy morning, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Dear family and friends,

It has been another superb week here in Trowbridge! The big news of the week, which I literally just received two minutes ago, is that Dean has received all of the approval he needs for his baptism, so everything is looking perfect for Friday! I am SO excited. It will be a fantastic service. We also continue to be excited for Matthew, and hope to begin teaching his family as well this week. The devastating news of this week is that the highly anticipated Christmas single from the Bristol Zone, “No Thrills Christmas”, is no longer going to be released. The studio where we recorded it got robbed so some criminals are the only people with access to those files. A truly crushing blow.

Our focus in the area has shifted to ensuring that everyone we teach has or is working towards a testimony of the Book of Mormon gained through prayer- without that, they won’t progress.

My main focus for this transfer has been to consecrate myself to the Lord more fully and I have seen great results from this. Although it is definitely not easy (more often than not, I find myself wanting to do what I want to do) it is the only process through which I can unlock my full potential and more perfectly follow Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

It is hard to believe that we’re almost halfway through November. The days and weeks go by faster and faster! I am SO excited for Christmas to be able to Skype everyone! Although I will be DEVESTATED if  I don’t get to spend Christmas in Trowbridge, but I will be excited for it nonetheless because I get to talk to the fam. I also am obsessive with Christmas music right now and whenever I am in the flat the Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas” song is ALWAYS on and, I’ll admit, I am a bit weird about it. So I would love some more Christmas music. Also people should start sending me pictures again, I miss getting them.

That is about it! To everyone back home reading this, I LOVE YOU! To my friends in Trowbridge who have started reading my blog… you’re alright, I guess… no, just kidding you all are perfect.

Also we have been instructed to inform our parents that all Christmas packages are to be sent to the MISSION OFFICE this year. They will ensure that our packages are delivered to us by Christmas. So everyone send me packages. Also, I am going to be creating and sending out Christmas cards to people/families I like, so look forward to that.

That is all for the day, good friends! I am off to Bath to enjoy what should be a fantastic Zone P-Day!

With love,

Elder Frederickson

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