Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Worthing Thunder

Dearly beloved family, friends, and associates,

My apologies- this email will probably be shorter than usual. We (us and Littlehampton Elders) went out for breakfast this morning so that's cut a chunk out of P-Day. The breakfast was so worth it though... oh my goodness. That being said, I passed on the baked beans and tomatoes. Whilst the variety of foods that I eat has expanded A LOT, I still cannot bring myself to eat plain tomatoes... unless we're being fed them by a member (which has only happened once.) Judge me. I just don't like them. As for baked beans...not breakfast food. But the rest of it was all incredible.

Another funny thing- Worthing has a professional basketball team- the Worthing Thunder. How original. They play their matches at the famous arena "Worthing Leisure Centre." At least I found it funny... :)

We found a family of three last week! They are from GHANA! Mary, who is 73, Effya (Yes, that's her name...) who is in her 30s, and Kelvin who is 8. Obviously, I bragged about Elder Riehle (Fellow laborers, if I meet anyone who is from another country and I have a friend on a mission there, I brag about them. Most prominent countries- Ghana, Turkey, and Portugal.) Needless to say, I am brushing up on my Twi and am gearing up for a Fufu feast this Saturday. We taught them last week and they attended church on Sunday. We trekked over to East Worthing and we were going to be at their house from 8:35 Sunday morning so we could catch the 8:45 bus... but they were outside chillin at the bus stop all with their Books of Mormon :) it was great. After we had showed them around, we encouraged them to seat themselves and prepare for the meeting. We told them we'd "be back." We then went and greeted members as usual, but everyone we greeted we told to go greet the African family in the chapel. It was a wonderful little strategy that made them feel right at home. They have accepted baptism for the 4th of January. They liked church... well, everything except the length of the meetings. But that's okay :) they are amazing.

The other big piece of news is that we are going to the temple on the 19th of December for a Christmas Dinner and Endowment Session. I am so pumped. I need to go to the temple, really. That's also when I'll get all the Christmas packages and stuff... but I am going to be good this year and not open any until Christmas! :)

Wait something else as well- Megan, one of the investigators that I taught in beautiful Basingstoke (Amazingstoke) is getting baptised this week! When her name pops up on President's letter next week under "baptisms" I'm going to freak out with excitement! :)

I love you all so so much! The Book of Mormon is the word of God- read it!

Hope each of you have an incredible week!

With love,

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