Monday, January 6, 2014

First Week in London

So, transfers have come and gone, and I have moved to London! My new area is Catford, which covers Greenwich, Lewisham, Catford, and some other parts of London. We are in the London Wandsworth Stake. It's a completely different mission here. My new companion is Elder Bognar from Hungary. It's funny because he replaced me in Trowbridge. He is SO amazing, I love serving with him SO much. 

We have one baptismal date here. He will be baptised on the 18th of January, provided that he quits smoking. He has the desire, through the Atonement all things are possible. 

Church was a fascinating experience yesterday. I have never been to a ward like this one!

We worked really hard this week- we had only one investigator last Wednesday so we did tons of finding and the Lord has provided us with appointments throughout the week. Now the challenge is to find members to take with us! I am so excited to see what happens here.

Not much to report besides that, in all honesty! 

Some other things that are different about Catford.
  • For the first time since last March, I don't have my own toilet. I have moved from a two man flat that had two toilets to a four man flat that has one. 
  • We are one of the only companionships whose number isn't 07800615***. We have this weird number. I still don't know it hahaha
  • We can have Zone P-Days here! We also meet as a Zone each week for District Meeting.
  • For the first time in my mission, travel is EASY. We can get anywhere in our area in like 20 minutes. Gone are the days of waiting for buses and trains.
That's about it, for now. Sorry this is so short!

Love all of you! Have a great week! :)

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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