Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Great Week in Trowbridge

Hello all!
How is everyone this week? Good, I hope. This week has been a big improvement on last! The sun finally decided to come out! It did not rain all week :) it was a very welcome change. I'm delighted that everyone had a good time at Palmyra- that was such a fun and spiritual Youth Conference for me. It's where I gained a testimony of my own of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Anyways, on to news about me! Adam is still on track to be baptized in a little under two weeks. He wasn't able to make it to church or our teach with him immediately after church. I think he felt bad though, because he texted us about it that night. Bishop is a bit hesitant about us baptizing him because of his issues, so we are praying about it this week to ensure it is the best thing to do.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to make contact with Louisa for about two weeks... aka since she committed to be baptized :( we do not know why. We take the train down to Warminster and knock on her door but she is NEVER there. It is pretty sad. How can someone say they feel the spirit and then ignore us? It's okay though. We will keep on trying!
Cool event of the week: I met an Olympian... tracting! We were knocking doors in Hilperton and this ripped guy answered the door. He said no to a Book of Mormon but said yes to the intro DVD. We asked him if we could come back to visit the next week and he said he was going to London for "a couple of weeks." We asked him what he was doing there and he casually said "oh, the Olympics." We thought he meant to watch them but upon further inquiry, we found out that he was COMPETING! In the 4x100 for Team GB. By the way, by the end ofmy mission, the two things I'm gonna buy are a new suit (towards the end) and a Chelsea jersey! I have pledged my allegiance to them as my favorite football team hahaha it was between them and Arsenal. 
We also found two new families to teach whilst knocking... which is a miracle in and of itself hahahaha knocking/finding is quite difficult. We are going to meet with them this week! I am SO excited, they seem way cool. Actually, the way we found the first family was a miracle! We got a referral from a guy on the street and we knocked his door. He opened the door and was only in his pants (here, pants=underpants!) and had a rather rotund belly. Needless to say, he was not very interested. We walked away and then I had the most intense feeling that we needed to knock the rest of the road. We did, and the VERY last house had a family who was a bit strange but were WAY cool. It just goes to show that faith, diligence, and following the promtings of the Holy Ghost brings miracles to us!
Also, yesterday after church we went to a bishopric members house and we went over the ward list and updated it for five hours, that was a joy! Hahaha. I read one third of "Mormon Doctrine" by Bruce R. McConkie during that time. It was absolutely fascinating. Apparently it's dangerous messing with the deep doctrine, especially the Discourses of Brigham Young! So yeah that's a fun fact. Some people read things like the Apocrypha during personal study... it's tempting, but I try and stick to the standard works and Preach My Gospel... nothing else is gonna help spead the gospel, if we're being honest!
Anyways, I am a bit short on time! Thank you very much to Becky, Bethany, Mom, Sarah, Grandma (LOVED the bit about the rain in Bogota hahaha), and Grandpa (my companion and I found it very intresting). Getting letters is really the best feeling! I'm still working on the package, it will come soon! Promise. :)
I cannot think of a greater priveledge than serving the Lord and spreading His gospel to the people of England. I love you all so much! There will be far more next week, I promise!
With love,
Elder Frederickson

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