Monday, March 18, 2013

Beautiful Basingstoke

Good morning everybody! I have been moved to the beautiful city of Basingstoke! Yes dad, I am Basingstoked. Basingstoke ward is in the Reading Stake! Apparently it's an amazing place to serve. Oxford is in the stake as well, so I will probably go up there for my birthday which is a week from today! Exciting times. I think my favorite feature of the new flat is that there are two toilets. It is a huge blessing. Really.
With moves comes a new address! So here is my new address!
Elder Matthew Frederickson
10 Coppice Pale
RG24 8JU
Basingstoke is AMAZING! Seriously, I love this area so much. Church yesterday was wonderful. We were surprised to see an investigator, Barbara! She flogged our appointment and we hatily invited her to church over the phone. She came with her two children. One of them went to primary and loved it (according to the leaders, he was a little shy around us.) The other stayed with her. She LOVED church. She was singing the hymns and helping her son sing the hymns :) it was precious. The spirit in the sacrament meeting was incredibly strong. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace throughout the meeting, especially during the sacrament. I feel as if this is EXACTLY where I need to be right now. Barbara even took notes during the talks. She wrote down at least ten references. She is progressing so well.

I think my favorite thing about Basingstoke is that we are ALWAYS busy. I never get back to the flat feeling like we wasted time. Every minute is spent moving the Lord's work forward. It is a marvelous feeling. We are always teaching. I think one goal I have for myself this transfer is to be more diligent in regards to ALWAYS finding. Even if we have a five minute bus ride, or have somewhere to be. I want to take advantage of every single moment of the day.

I love serving with Elder Aichele. He is an amazing missionary. We are working so well together. I've learned tons from him already. There have been very few adjustments. We are going to get the flat all cleaned up. I now have it engraved in my head that things need to be clean for the spirit to dwell with us.

Basingstoke ward is amazing. The ward is pumped up about missionary work and are anxious to provide refferals! We have already taught one members girlfriend and she seems interested in baptism! If prompted by the spirit, we will extend a date this Wednesday. Another members friend will be coming to church next Sunday. She says that the friend has been taught before and is prepared for baptism. I stand in awe at how prepared the people of this city are.
I love you all and hope that this week brings miracles! Read the Book of Mormon. It contains the gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fulness. It brings a light into our lives that can and will shine eternally.
With love,
Elder Frederickson

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