Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Day in Havant!

Good morning everyone!
It is a beautiful day in Havant, Hampshire! The sun is shining and P-Day should be very relaxing. It is the last P-Day of this transfer, which is incredibly hard to believe. The time has just FLOWN. It was so exciting to hear about a bunch of the mission calls this week! I might be biased, but I think I am the MOST excited for the people that got called to England London South :) so much fun.
In a way, the work slowed down here a bit last week. Not sure why, but it's fine! We are doing our best. The work will always rise and fall. I think it would be a tad dramatic to even say it "fell" this week. The work in this area is always on the rise! Mail seems to be coming a bit faster now BUT if you send something after today- send it to the Mission address! Just to be safe- since moves are next week :)
Sorry there is not much to report today. The last full week of the transfer always seems to be that way!
Elder Frederickson
Where is Havant???

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