Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 2 in Worthing

Good morning everybody!

This week has been great. White-wash training is NOT easy hahaha but it is so much fun and you really learn a lot from it.

Today will probably consist of letter writing. There's nothing too crazy about Worthing hahaha but I love it. Tomorrow there is a Zone Conference in Crawley, it'll be my first Zone Conference on the east side of the mission. It'll be fun to see some people I haven't seen much. 

It's definitely a different experience serving with one of your friends. It's extra challenging but the results are extra worth it. We had quite a hard time with finding efforts this week and we couldn't understand why. We were sick on Thursday and Friday and just wondering what was going on! But then I realized- we weren't relying on the Lord enough, we weren't relying on the members enough. We have repented and redoubled our efforts to remember that this is NOT our work, we can do nothing of or for ourselves. We need to let the members know that without equal effort from us and them, then the work cannot, will not, and (quite frankly) should not- for we reap what we sow. If we are the only ones reaping, then why would the kingdom grow?

The Zone has set a lofty goal of teaching 8 "member lessons" each week per companionship. We (finally) had our first member lesson after a Dinner Appointment yesterday. Elder Ormsby made an exceptional DVD for the District to use in our Member Lessons with all of the Work of Salvation clips. We showed this family the one where the YM program grows from 1 to 26 members. It was intensely spiritual. At the end of the video, their 14 year old son blurted out that he had a friend that he was going to invite to mutual! He felt the spirit, he caught the wave. If the hearts of the rest of the ward are softened in a similar manner, then I can't even fathom what is going to happen here. True, the start of things has been slow... but I think the Lord will bless Worthing with an abundance of souls- so long as they do THERE part! :) We will do our part, the Spirit will most DEFINITELY do His. It's all on the members now. I know they can do it.

An epiphany I had this week- the main difference between us and the members (purely in regards to the missionary work we are BOTH called to do) is that members have the opportunity to invite people they have pre-established relationships with whereas we (without their help) approach people we've never met and invite them. Which will work better? The former, obviously. That's just a thought that's been running through my head the last week. I can't wait to apply it in our member lessons.

I love the priveledge I have of taking part in the Latter-day work. It's definitely moving forward. If you can't see it, open your eyes! Catch the wave, ask the missionaries, and know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes us forever. I know all of this is true. Apply the doctrines of salvation and you'll notice immediate and sweeping improvements in your lives.

Have an incredible week, everybody! Know that I love you and pray for you daily.

 Elder Frederickson

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