Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week One in Worthing!

This week has been great! I've noticed something about training in a new area- it really is like starting your mission fresh! I love it. It's great to go back to the basics, to build up the work in an area. In Basingstoke, we had everything established, everything was flowing smoothly. Here... well, we have some work to do! :)
We've done a lot of street contacting in the past week. We've found that the two best places are along the promenade and on the high street. There is a REALLY cool recent convert here- we brought her street contacting with us the other day. She took the right side of the high street, I took the middle, and Elder Cullimore took the left. Whenever someone got into an actual conversation, we just joined in. It was really cool and we found some awesome people that day. Long story short, we've found some wonderful people and hope to begin helping them progress towards baptism soon.

Our plan moving forward is to get the members involved DAILY in the work, to be 100% obedient, and to have meaningful study. Meaningful study is something that President has been stressing A LOT lately, every single week in his letters.

It is nice to be in a District with Elders in it so we can actually do stuff with other missionaries on P-Day! :) Today one of the Elders from Littlehampton is going to give me a haircut. I need a haircut quite desperately. District Meetings are in Brighton. The District is HUGE- Elders in Worthing, Littlehampton, Brighton, and Eastbourne. It should be a blast. :)

That is pretty much it, to be honest. A slightly boring email, I know :) but there will be more next week, promise!!!!

I love you all so much and am so grateful to be a part of this noble latter-day work. I know that it's true- if it wasn't, I wouldn't be here. This Gospel has made more of me than anything else could even come close to. 

Have a wonderful week :)

-Elder Frederickson

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