Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Baptisms!

Dear everybody,

This week has been wonderful! The best week I've had in Worthing in a long time.

Our focus this week has been following up! Over the past five weeks we'd found a ridiculous number of potentials. We were devoting some time every few days to calling them on the phone, but it just wasn't proving to be effective. We decided that we needed to really focus in on these people that we'd found and trust that we'd found them for a reason. We decided to focus on progressing. We devoted pretty much every day to following up with as many of our people as possible. The fruits were marvelous- we committed two more people to baptism in December.

Our first baptismal date is with an investigator, who we extended a date to a little over a week ago. She's amazing. We are going to the temple with her this week. She has said yes to every commitment we've extended so far. She has been prepared! This week, we committed her nine year old daughter to baptism on the same day - December 14th. We love them so much and are so excited to see their continued progression.

We also began teaching a new investigator. She had met with missionaries in Brighton before. She had a big falling out with them on somedoctrinal things. She had some questions on the Fall of Adam and Eve. She said she doesn't understand why people blame Adam and look down on him. We then put forward the Church's stance regarding this and she immediately invited us over , saying "this is new to me, maybe this is what's right for me." She wouldn't, however, accept a specific return appointment. Or give us her number. Just her address. So - we handed her a card with out number on it. A week later, she gave us a call, requesting a visit that night and the DVD "Finding Happiness" (which was advertised on the card.) We called up a member, went to see her, and emerged that night having committed her for baptism for the 21st of December!  It is exciting!

As far as our work with members goes, things are great. We had a  really good correlation meeting on member missionary work. We came up with a game plan and we're excited to implement it. This Sunday was good. We only had one person in Sacrament but we were able to get members to cover all seven of our appointments- all of which are with Sisters without a man in the home... that can be frustrating, but exact obedience brings miracles! Plus, it makes the members a little more sympathetic towards coming out with us.  :)
This week, I also focused on becoming a more doctrinal teacher, teaching Preach My Gospel's way. I had a mini freak-out on Saturday as we were preparing to teach a lesson. I felt like I was a brand new missionary! How could I teach?! My study was URGENT. I soaked it in as much as I could, but I still didn't feel like it was enough! It goes without saying that I was a bit stressed. Then, we got into the teaching appointment and something wonderful happened... the words flowed freely. Now, obviously, I've taught by the Spirit before... but never like this. It was amazing. I don't remember what I said but Elder Astorga and I didn't have to look at each other or anything. We didn't even have to ask the member... he just chimed in at the perfect time! The Spirit was the teacher... and the end result was a new baptismal date. A soul to bring unto the Saviour. My new goal is to have every lesson be like that, if possible. If I study and work with urgency, the Lord will fill my mouth and make me His instrument. What a blessing.

Our emphasis in the District this week (and probably this transfer) will be on more effective use of the Book of Mormon- especially ensuring that our investigators know how to study it... and ARE studying it.

We have a Zone Conference next week in Crawley. Elder Texeira from the 70 will be in attendance. Elder Astorga and I are going to sing "Dear To The Heart Of The Shepherd" at it... a quote from the assistants "it needs to be reverent and it needs to be good." A bit intimidating? Ohhhh yes. It should be fun though! :)

Hope all of you have an amazing week! I'd love to hear from all of you! Oh by the way, to all those who love me enough to send a Christmas package... send it to the Mission Home address! If you don't have it, ask me and I'll give it to you... I can't be bothered to type it out now! :) Love you all!

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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