Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So apparently there was a Hurricane?

All is well (though we are a tad wet) in sunny Worthing. Yes, there was a hurricane last night, although we didn't know it was a legitimate hurricane until last night at 10 PM. We are safe. This morning for exercise we jogged to the seafront and ran against the 80 MPH winds. We also took some pictures. It was intense. 

This week has been wonderful! Nothing particularly noteworthy in our area regarding investigators. It is a bit frustrating not having anyone dated for baptism, but we've set goals and made plans to reverse that trend.

This morning, I set three goals for myself this week. I think they will help me become more focused, obedient, and efficient.
1) Set the tone for each day by being exactly obedient in the mornings (and all day, obviously, but waking up/exercising/etc. are not always the easiest for me- so that's a focus!)
2) "Endure to the end" each day by ensuring that no time is wasted.
3) Be anxiously engaged in a good cause- always have something to do! Even if we are just in the flat, always have something productive to do.
I know that Heavenly Father will provide a way for me to achieve these goals. I know they will make a big difference in the way I fulfill my missionary purpose.

This week I learned a really cool principle about service.  I felt that this week we really needed to serve Littlehampton by helping them find people to teach. We did a workover with them on Wednesday and I did a exchange with them on Fridays. The end of the week came and they taught twenty lessons and committed someone for baptism next month! Not only that, but the Lord made up the difference for us- the Lord hastened His work and provided the increase. It's amazing what a week of service can do! :)

This week we were fed Mexican twice. YES. I also had one of the best kebabs ever this week from the noted Littlehampton 5 Star dining establishment "Planet Pizza and Kebab." Maybe I should do some extra exercise this week...   

I also got a beautiful new coat courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Frederickson. It's lovely and warm and should keep me cold in what is allegedly going to be a "bitterly cold winter." Yikes!

Also we just found a stack of pass-along cards in this little internet cafe tucked behind some phone products... what?

One other cool story- in Zone conference last week, President emphasized asking EVERYONE for referrals.  This week we tried our best to apply that and we had a sweet experience. We were contacting by the seafront, we stopped this guy and he wasn't interested. We asked him for a referral and he just goes "oh yeah, my mate Dexter is into religious stuff." Before we could reply, he whips out his phone and gives us his friend's number! Pretty cool! :)

I know that I am called of God. The message that the Lord's servants share changes lives. How great is my opportunity? The Book of Mormon is true. Read it. It's promise does not fail. It's tangible evidence of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These truths change lives.

Have the best week of your life! :)

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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