Monday, October 21, 2013


Morning lads,

It has been a great week! Carol's baptism was an amazing experience for all involved. On Sunday she was confirmed by the Bishop. The Spirit was strong. 

An ongoing miracle: A couple of weeks ago, we felt we needed to work the High Street 10 AM on like a Tuesday morning. Normally, this wouldn't be too effective but it's where we felt we needed to be! A couple of minutes after we got started, we stopped a young family. She then said "I am a member, I haven't been to church for 16 years since I left Wales. I think I might be ready to come back and my 8 year old daughter has lots of questions." Over the next week, we learned that she'd been contemplating coming back to church for years. She saw us down the high street and she knew that we would stop them. She also knew that it was time to come back. Fast forward to yesterday. The whole family (including the non-member husband) entered the Worthing Chapel for the first time. It was beautiful. In Gospel Principles she asked "If my husband is baptised, can we be sealed?" UHHHHH, YES!

Besides the baptism, the highlight of this week was most definitely church!  Several of the members brought friends to church. Several members invited less-actives to "come and see." Furthermore, they all enjoyed it! The Lord's hand is clearly at work! The Work of Salvation moves forward with power.

Another cool experience regarding planning and things of that nature. So the other night we planned to do some contacting along the seafront for a couple of hours. This is normal. I like going there because it looks cool and people are usually just chilling, so they're up for a quality gospel conversation. We left the flat and IMMEDIATELY the rain just pummels down. We thought to ourselves "what should we do?" After a little bit of discussion, we concluded that, since we told the Lord that we would be at the seafront at that time, and had asked for people to be put in our path, we should probably follow through. By most standards, the next 90 minutes were MISERABLE. We were soaking from head to foot. Many cards did not survive. We were able to teach two lessons, however, and hand out two Book of Mormons. That might not sound like much, but I know we were blessed from following through with our plans. Afterwards, I made my own tomato sauce for pasta. My cooking skills have progressed significantly, though that is not saying much.

I love you all so much and love hearing from you! I feel your prayers. I know the work to which I've been called is God's, I am priveledged to be an instrument in His divine hands. Have a wonderful week!

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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