Monday, April 1, 2013

A bit from Matthew's latest letter!

Good morning mates!
I love being a misisonary. This week has been filled with tender mercy after tender mercy. From everything about my brithday to running into my good friend Sydney at the Temple on Saturday (she is a friend from BYU and is in London doing a semester abroad), the Lord has His eye on me... I am so grateful for that! :) 
 It's a bank holiday, so P-Day won't exactly be exciting. We'll just do our shopping and such. We have a zone-training in Reading on Thursday, so that should be fun. I went on exchange with Elder Stewert to Farnborough last week and it was way good.
Another excellent week has come and gone here in beautiful Basingstoke!

Truthfully, there isn't a ton to report. We're semi-whitewashing.   So - for the most part we are focusing our efforts on finding. We are putting a lot of faith into these nine "address unknown files." We know that by visiting them and knocking ten per side, we will find prepared people. The first two that we visited yielded no results, but that is just fine! We will keep doing our part.

 We went to the temple with an investigator on Saturday and it was a wonderful experience for him. The visitors center sisters were EXCELLENT, as expected. It really strengthened his testimony. It was more of a chat then a lesson, but it was exactly what he needed. The spirit was SO strong. It strengthened everyone in the room's faith- I suppose that is what missionary work does! :)

Everything is wonderful here. I can feel myself changing. I can feel the Lord molding me. It's amazing. Does this kind of thing continue after your mission? I hope so. Some song lyrics that particularly touched me this week were from the song "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" (the version in 17 Miracles I think) and they read as follows...

"Chasten my soul til it shall be
in perfect harmony with thee
Make me more worthy of thy love
and fit me for the life above"

How wonderful is that? Yes, I have weaknesses. I think everyone knows that :) but those weaknesses can become strengths. My mistakes can and have become learning experiences. The White Handbook has taught me tons and I don't think I fully realize that until now. Thus far, everything about my mission has been tailored to me. It has been an experience that Heavenly Father created specifically for me, to help me learn and grow, to help me address issues that I specifically have. I know that He knows me perfectly. He cares about me, and protects me. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for the incredible things he's done for me thus far.
I am so grateful to be able to seve the Lord! I know that the work which I do is true! I love you all so much- you're in my prayers often and I know I am in yours because I can feel it!
Stay beautiful everyone! :)
Elder Frederickson

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