Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking London

This has been an interesting, difficult, and rewarding week.

To cut a long story short, I was without an Oyster (through no fault of my own, might I add!) so we were on foot all day every day. Between companionship goals, and stake mission plans, and District goals we had a LOT of travelling to do. Nevertheless, we were able to do the vast majority of our visits and we were rewarded for our dedication to carrying out the plans we'd made. It was EXHAUSTING, like I've never been more exhausted from missionary work.

We are working right now with a family from Grenada who have been investigating the church several years. Their son is baptised but the parents are not because they are not married. This is because they've struggled to obtain a British citizenship. However, as we were discussing them in correlation meeting, our Ward Mission Leader commented that where he served his mission (Salt Lake) many people thought they couldn't be married for the same reason, when citizenship is not actually a requirement for marriage. He invited us to do some research on the matter. Luckily, our Bishop is a lawyer so we called him and he worded his answer as follows- "anyone can be married here." Exciting! So they will be baptised in the near future. I think they'd be married and baptised this week to be honest but the mother is recovering from surgery so it might take a bit more time. We are so excited for them.

Things are doing well. The focus continues to be growing our teaching pool and getting people to progress. We're doing this by making as regular contact as possible. We try to see everyone each day but it doesn't always work out. We think we can improve the quality of those visits by making them of a more spiritual nature rather than just quickly following up. Teach them the doctrine they need for the day.

We also are trying to be more charitable in our work and demonstrate our love by action! We did all manner of acts of love this week- giving blessings, baking cookies, and providing people with suitable clothes for church. It's paying off! It really helps build trust between missionaries and investigators. They are MUCH more willing to be honest and bring up concerns.

Things are going well. Still a bit slow, but we're trying to go by the Lord's timetable and not our own... and I feel we're being blessed for that.

Sorry this is a little short and all over the place... haha I am still a bit tired! :) Another big thing- I think this was the first week on my mission (probably my life actually haha) that I wrote in my journal every day. I want to keep that up! Some of you (well, actually just missionaries in my mission that I've been close to recently which is like three of you) might know that I have obsessively studied PMG (Preach My Gospel) chapter 8 (Use Time Wisely) for like two months now and learned SO MUCH from it. I've now moved on to chapter 4 which is about the spirit! My focus this week comes from that chapter- now that I've improved the quality of my evening prayers, I want to improve the quality of my morning prayers! We'll see what happens. I am also going to try and recognize the Spirit more throughout the day and learn a bit more about how he speaks to me.

I love you all so much! I hope your weeks are rewarding and full of miracles! 

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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