Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good Morning - March 3rd

Hello, everybody!

This week has been difficult, but very rewarding. Zone Conference was exactly what I needed. Seriously, every single presentation spoke directly to me and was inspired. I came with seven questions and, after studying my notes the next day, I had answers to all of them.

We now have some investigators committed for March 29th for baptism, how exciting! They are great. We are going all out and working our hardest and the Lord is rewarding us. We're also seeking to establish a stronger relationship of trust with our ward leaders. and  we will find a way to do even more. 

There is a couple of things that I have been focusing on over the past week, personally. This weekend, I really wanted to have a more meaningful fast. I had studied Isaiah 58 and decided to try a couple of simple things. First, I tried talk about the fast as little as possible. Even little comments, like "we need to have some good food to break this fast!" or saying that I'm hungry. I also tried to make the entire fast a spiritual experience. Connected with that, since we are emphasizing church attendance so much as a mission, I decided I needed to better apply the doctrines that we teach regarding the Sabbath. I read through doctrine regarding the Sabbath as taught in PMG Chapter 3 and thought... is this really how I view the Sabbath right now? Short answer: it wasn't. Obviously I wasn't like... shopping or watching a film or anything like that. I was pretty much just treating it like any other day in the week. I decided there were some little things I could do to increase my testimony of the Sabbath in the mission field. First, I made a concious effort to make sure the music I was listening to was appropriate. Not that I listen to irreverant music during the week, but perhaps I could be EXTRA conscious of what I was listening to. Second, I tried to study the scriptures a bit more. For example, while Elder Bognar was accounting, I took a moment to study and write in my journal instead of cleaning or just chillin. It was all really good, I learned a lot.

P-Day should be fun today- we are going to Wimbledon which is a bit of a hike but it should be worth it to chill with people, see the tennis stuff (maybe?) and have a great lunch at Jimmy Spices.

Things are definitely look up for the week to come. We have a lot of appointments and investigators who are more willing to progress and keep commitments. It'll be a good week! :)

I hope all of you have a great week! I feel your prayers! 

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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