Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March 19th

Dinner with Becky was wonderful! My new comp is good. He is from India. He's been in the flat for a transfer already so I know him. This coming transfer is just a five weeker, then I might be outta London. We'll see :)
Elder Mafubelu is moving- he has my DREAM moves call hahahahahha ZL in Reading with Elder Hanks. Obviously I knew that wasn't happening though hahaha. He was the one with whom I butted heads sometime but we really sorted things out. I'll attach a picture with him from this morning at Clapham Junction. Our ZLs are Elder Popa and a new ZL, ELder Alejandre from Spain. I LOVE Elder Alejandre he is such a nice guy.

I am really excited for the transfer to come. We have so many people that are going to be baptised. Idk if I'll be here two transfers. We'll see! :) 

Thank you so much for the package as well :) I loved it! You guys are the best!

Love you!

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