Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"When I was a hippie, I had the swag" - March 31st

Hello, everybody!

This week will be a slightly short email I think.

This week has been wonderful. We worked hard. We saw miracles. Our investigators are not progressing as well as they could, but we've set goals and made plans to help them progress this week. We have high hopes from them. The member referrals have begun to pour in. There is a huge harvest to be reaped in this area and the time for it has come. Obedience, planning, faith, and WORK are a few of our tools that we intend to use to reap. It's so exciting to serve here!

We had two investigators at Sacrament! But we had four show up right afterwards, so in reality we had six! We were so excited to have so many people at church!  there is a spirit of missionary work here. It's awesome! I love this area and this ward.
Funny story of the week: Yesterday this guy wearing a Che  hoodie and jeans carrying a saxophone walks right into the really intensely spiritual combined thrid hour where we were talking about the atonement. I knew something interesting was about to happen hahaha.

We had a munch and mingle afterwards and this guy starts playing a really jazzy version of "When The Saints Go Marching In" while dancing. It lasted about two seconds before Elder Bradford (senior couple) shut it down hahahaha.

I love you all, have a wonderful week! :)
With love,
Elder Frederickon

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