Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love Conference!!!

Good morning, my friends.

Everything is great here! Conference was good. In particular, I enjoyed Elder Ballard, Elder Bednar, President Uchtdorf, and Elder Oaks (Priesthood session.)  Since Wandsworth Chapel is... well, on the other side of London, we decided it would be a much better idea to organize viewings at our chapel and at the homes of less-actives. This was fruitful. The Spirit was felt by all, in some way or another.

This week, the focus was progression. We spent the week doing things we felt would strengthen our investigators. Perhaps we could've done a bit more finding, but at the end of the day there isn't much point to finding if you don't progress those you find! :)

I've been making a concentrated effort to pray for and expect miracles. These miracles have taken the form of referrals! From investigators, from members, from mormon.org... it's awesome! If you ask everyone for referrals (including the Lord!) you'll receive, sometimes in ways you don't expect. I'm learning that you can think of all the techniques, tricks, and schemes possible to get referrals but at the end of the day the biggest things you can do are ask, serve, and WORK! If we do those things, the Lord will provide.
Our investigators are doing well. It's really crunch time with them. We're bringing them both to a baptism this Saturday. We're taking Andres to the temple.  He saw the Sunday morning session yesterday. He was obsessed with President Uchtdorfs talk!  Hahaha I wish I could peer into his mind to see how it works. We were able to focus on President Uchtdorfs talk though and help him recognize that he is feeling the Spirit. He is definitely progressing though.

L. is one of the fascinating people I've ever taught. He's amazing. He finished 2 Nephi this week and when asked about how he liked 2 Nephi his comment was that he couldn't believe they ate raw meat but he researched it and found that when you cook meat, it loses a lot of vitamins so now he understands. He also commented on how he loved the Isaiah chapters. Wow. We also made him a CD of Churchy songs he can listen to on Sunday, because he asked for hymn recommendations when we taught Sabbath day.
We also began teaching an Italian girl.  She is SO COOL! We brought along Tony, a recent convert and he did amazing. She is Catholic but she said that our belief that God isn't three people mysteriously in one, but that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are seperate beings makes "much more sense." Amen to that. She accepted a date for May 3rd. We'll see what happens! She's YSA so that's always good, means we have a great support system.

Today will be fun! The Zone is getting together at Wandsworth chapel just to chill I think. It'll be good to hang with everyone and play some sports.
I love you all so much!
-Elder Frederickson

Picture: (Most of) the original Basingstoke District. Idk what the pose is, I was trying to make fun of Sister Wests pose but ended up channelling Spider Man.

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