Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Amazing Week

Hello everybody! I hope you all had an awesome week! I sure did. We've made a lot of progress in the last week. I've personally learned so much.
One area I've especially noticed growth in throughout the past week is my personal scripture study. A goal I set for the week was to be more alert during personal study... which, as those who associate with me often will know, was quite tough... seeing as personal study is daily at 8 AM. In trying to be more alert, I found that I was able to learn far more throughout the week. Not only that, but I was able to apply what I learned whilst teaching throughout the day.
I've also grown a lot in our finding activities. The more and more people we talk to on the street, the more I improve at it! Last Wednesday at District Meeting, we talked extensively about praying with an "eye of faith" and asking for specific people to teach. On exchange, Elder Price and I prayed to speak to a young person who is troubled and has deep questions. That day, we gave Book of Mormons to not one, but FOUR people who were leaving for university that weekend who we would not have found otherwise.
Miracle of the week: on Tuesday morning, we were going through the Area Book and found a former in Melksham... we could NOT find their street anywhere on the map. We prayed that we'd find it but it was to no avail. That night, we had a dinner appointment in Melksham (about 12 miles away) we missed our bus so we had to walk. On our way, we looked to our left and THERE WAS THE STREET. It was in an area that wasn't on any of our maps. The Lord truly answers the prayers of his faithful servants, what a blessing.
Basketball contacting continues to be a huge success. We are finding people every single week and inviting them to play with the ward on Thursdays. It's so much fun! Plus, my basketball skills are always on the rise hahaha. Our teaching pool has grown soooo much this week. We have dropped the people who aren't progressing in favor of the "good" investigators who don't flog us all the time! Also we have started working with two less active Fijians who invite us over ALL the time and tell us to "bring our sleeping bags" HAHAHAHA. They are teaching us to cook Fijian style. Yesterday they invited us to a Fijian bbq and we had chicken chop sui with Fish cooked in coconut milk... SOOOO DELICIOUS. It was seriously amazing.
Okay that's about all for this week!
I'd love to see some letters in the mail this week :)
Love you all so much and thank you for all the support. I feel your prayers every day and am so blessed to be serving the Lord.
- Elder F


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