Monday, August 13, 2012

New Transfer (but he AND his companion stayed in Trowbridge)

Hey everyone! I am VERY short on time this week, so I'll fit in what I can!
This week was chalkful of miracles. I gained an incredible testimony of the power of priesthood blessings. Last week, I gave a less active who has throat cancer a blessing. A week later, we found out that her outlook had drastically improved. She only needs to go in to get radiation a few more times. It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful to hold that incredible power. We also got a call from a member in our ward saying that his daughter, who has been less active for eight years, wanted to come back to church and that she wanted to start by having the missionaries over. Elder VA and I stopped by and taught/talked to her and her fam for 2.5 hours- it was awesome!
Yesterday I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on "Gifts of the Spirit." It was my first time talking in church without having all the words right in front of me haha I was way nervous but it felt really good whe I was done. As he was introducing me, Bishop said that it was a priveledge to sit in front of me because my singing voice was so good hahaha so that was obviously a great feeling!
Also, I got the package that the Oakton Stake Youth sent... you guys are all the best! Seriously, Oakton Stake for life. To those of you who included your address, I'll write you when I get the time! I sent out some letters this morning to various people.
I'm sorry I'm out of time. Being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world! :)
-Elder Frederickson

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