Monday, August 27, 2012

Greetings to family, friends, associates, and other legendary human beings

Good morning! Most of you are probably (hopefully) still asleep! How has your week been? It's absolutely nuts that summer is pretty much over and that school starts next week! I'm excited for everyone though, I cannot wait to hear how it goes.
'Twas another great week in Trowbridge, but that is to be expected. We kicked off the working week with Zone Training! We went to Bristol early Tuesday morning and made our way to the Wells Road Chapel. Upon our arrival, the majority of our zone had arrived, but the Zone Leaders, President, the APs, and the Bath Elders had yet to arrive... (oops!) It is all good though. We all sang together for about 45 minutes, accompanied on the piano and organ by the marvelous, multi-talented Elder Huang. Once, before District Meeting as a zone was abolished, he played the Pirates of the Carribean on the organ while everyone accounted to the Zone Leaders. It was pretty awesome. Anyways, training was wonderful, which was to be expected... even though there was a bomb scare in Bristol at the Cabbot Circus Mall! We all knew we were okay though, because we ere in the presence of President Millar. The main issue was that it took FOREVER to get home, as the busses were down for several hours. We eventually made it back to Trowbridge, although it wasn't until the late hour of 9:30 (that's what I consider getting in late now... hahhaha.)
Wednesday was not quite as crazy of a day. We spent the morning and afternoon in the flat, waiting for the package containing my contacts. What a relief to be able to have 20/20 vision again! Afterwards, we visited a really cool member named Cameron and talked to him to see how he was doing for a while. We finished the day with some finding. It was a simple, but good day. Thursday is always our favorite day of the week, as we always have really cool teaches in Westbury and Warminster followed by Thursday night basketball. It is so much fun. I love playing basketball, getting to know the members, and meeting new people that we can teach. We also made cookies with a less-active member and we MIGHT have forgot the flour... might have, nobody knows for sure. Friday was also great. We did some cleaning of the chapel and had a teach with the Hicks! They are one of my favorite families to work with. We always have a good time. After that (and a couple of other visits in Frome) we had a DA with our ward mission leader at Flames Kebab (we do this every Friday, yet somehow I have lost 30 pounds... would someone like to explain that to me?) to talk about the work and to see if we needed any help. It's always fun.Saturday was another relatively uneventful day. We did some service at the Hicks (tearing down some walls... that was awesome!) and then some finding. We got a referral for a Nigerian guy named ... who we are apparently supposed to call on Tuesday? That'll be sweet. We also had a great dinner appointment. Sunday, as always, was great! I love the Trowbridge Ward. We taught Gospel Principles (as per usual) and enjoyed some great sacament meeting talks. Afterwards, there was a munch and mingle for a family who is moving out of the ward. It was a great Sunday.
We are not quite sure what we we are going to do today. We were going to take the train to Bristol so we could buy clothes at Primark and see these graffitied streets... but seeing as it is raining, we are going to stay in Trowbridge. I'm sure we will do something fun though! :) Moves are in about three weeks and my three month mark is next week... is that weird, or what?! I find that hard to believe... the time is just flying. I just hope I stay in Trowbridge! There is a pretty good chance that I will.
I have been lacking in the postage department as of late. I still enjoy getting the Weekly Report from Becky, it's always great hearing about what is happening on Capitol Hill, even when Congress is on recess. I just love getting letters in general as well, so don't be afraid to write :) I am working on some letter responses right now, so those will be out soon.
I love the gospel and I love missionary work. Recently, I have started reading Jesus The Christ by James Talmage. It is SUCH an awesome book. I have learned so much about our Savior from the little bit of the book that I have read. I highly recommend it for everyone.

With love,
Elder Frederickson


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