Monday, October 15, 2012

An Interesting Week!

Hello everyone! It is another wet Monday morning in Trowbridge, but what else is new?
In all honesty, there is very little to report on. This week has been a tad bit stressful. Elder Castro managed to hurt his back quite badly playing football last PDay and, as such, was severely limited in his walking capabilities all week. Yet, we had to arrange a baptismal interview (while Elder Castro was in the hospital), plan a baptism (which had not been announced in church), and manage to get to church for the confirmation.
Long story short, it all went well. The Zone Leaders and Bath Elders had to come down on both Wednesday and Thursday to drive people around and make sure the interview happened. Then, at the actual baptism, no one from the bishopric showed up. I got a text from Bishop at 6:15 asking when the baptism started, to which I bluntly replied "6." The font also didn't start filling until 5:50 so that was fun. Then Bath showed up with investigators and their ward mission leader before anyone from our ward had arrived. Luckily the Starns and Turveys showed up so the High Priest group leader was able to preside. In the end, all was well and the baptism was an absolute joy to witness. Charlie was just so willing to completely change his life. I am so grateful that the Lord led us to him. We confirmed him yesterday in sacrament meeting and it was just brilliant.
So, as a whole, we had a pretty good week. Granted, you seldom have the same number of baptisms as you do teaches, but I'm not complaining! Tonight we will be back on our feet ready to go out and convert the nations... one door at a time.
Moves are in two weeks... that might be the craziest thing of all. Time soars when you're serving the Lord.
I love all of you so much and apologize for the brevity of this email- there will be many miracles to report next week, promise! :)
-Elder Frederickson

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