Monday, October 1, 2012

Greetings from beautiful Trowbridge

Hello everybody! I hope you all are well today, because I certainly am! I love being a missionary.
Big news on the baptism front- we have a baptism (the one that was supposed to be last Thursday) scheduled for this Friday and another (hopefully) next Friday! I could not be more excited. It is incredible to me to see the changes that the Gospel can bring into peoples lives. Furthermore, our recent convert  will be getting the Priesthood soon! It brings me indescribable joy to see the friends which I have come to love dearly progress on the path to salvation.

On Saturday, I had an incredibly spiritual experience. I prayed that morning that when I opened my mouth, the words I would speak would be according to the wisdom of God, not according to me. We had a teach that day with an "eternal investigator" who has been seeing missionaries for about a year and a half. I prayed that Elder Castro and I would be able to effectively discern his needs. I am incredibly grateful to say that we were able to teach by the spirit. There is no point to teaching if it isn't by the spirit! Because of the greater obediance and reverance we were able to maintain throughout the day, we were priveledged to teach by the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that I could not have said the things I said without that spirit. Heck, I can't teach at all without it! However, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I know that ALL things are possible.

Things are going fantastic. I love Trowbridge. I love Elder Castro. I love this gospel. As Elder Castro and I get more excited about the work, I cannot help but notice that the members are getting excited as well. Members are queuing up to go on teaches with us, strengthening both them and the investigator. The ward is excited about missionary work. I am excited about missionary work. I KNOW the Lord is excited about missionary work (obviously...)
Last week, I also finished the Book of Mormon for the first time since leaving on my mission. As instructed in Moroni 10, I pondered and prayed, inquiring once again, to know if it were true. Then, once again, the authenticity of the Book of Mormon was confirmed to me by the power of the Holy Ghost. How awesome is that? I can read that book over and over again, yet the promise and that promises results are always so fresh and enjoyable. It is by far the most effective tool in helping people come to the knowledge that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's work. How can so great a thing not be the work of God?
It's crazy to think I've been out 4 months now. The time really has flown and has started to fly even faster. It serves as a reminder to me that I need to make the most of my time where I am priveledged to serve the Lord.
You guys are all so amazing, your letters/emails/prayers/everything you do mean so much to me, build MY testimony, and keep me going.
I love you all,
Elder Frederickson

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