Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Afternoon

Wow, what a great day it has been! We are currently emailing from Bath!  We are emailing from the Apple store in Bath! We know that is allowed because the Bath Elders do it every week!

Anyways, not an incredibly high amount to report. First and foremost, there was a competition between Bristol Zone, Poole Zone, and Plymouth Zone! We won by about 300 emails. Further more, our area got more emails than any other area! We got 130! It was amazing. Our strategy? We went into Young Womens at the beginning of the week and told them about it. We challenged them to get as many of their friends emails as possible (but they had to explain why they needed it... obviously) so that they could receive the mormon messages that the office elders send out every week! We told them that for every 8 emails they texted to us, we would buy them a large bar of Toblerone. The response was INCREDIBLE. It really goes to show that working with the ward is truly the "higher" way. The magic doesn't happen in missionary work until members get involved!

Today, we also went to a members house in Bath where he has a professional recording studio. We recorded a Christmas rap and also sang a really cool version of Come Thou Fount (it is just me singing most of the time!) so yeah let me know if you want that! Afterwards we all went to Jimmy Spices and enjoyed our meal courtesy of the Zone Leaders because we had the most emails :) it was SO delicious!

That's really all there is to talk about, if we are being honest. Moves calls will be at the end of this week so I probably won't be writing anyone back (like, letters) until next week! SO don't worry people, I'm not ignoring you- just waiting to see what my address is for the next six weeks! Hopefully it will not change!

Love you all so much!

-Elder Frederickson

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