Monday, October 29, 2012

MOVED to Salisbury?!?!

So I got moved to Salisbury... OR SO I THOUGHT. On Saturday, in a ruthless prank by my dear friend Elder Price, I was told that I was being moved! I began telling members and packing until, about an hour later, I found out it was a prank and that we would get our REAL moves calls the next morning. We did, and both Elder Castro and I are staying in Trowbridge! Actually, no one in our district moved, which is pretty crazy. Anyways, it has been another absolutely amazing week. We were able to set a baptismal date with our good friend/investigator Dean! I am so so so excited to see him progressing. He will be baptized on the 17th of November! So we spent a lot of time teaching/working with him this week.
Another marvelous experience we had was the "missionary night" we had with the Young Women. It was so much fun! I absolutely love working with the youth because they are so much fun and have a special enthusiasm for missionary work. On Sunday, one of them bore their testimony on how much she gained from the presentation and how she was able to apply it throughout the week and it was quite touching. I could not believe our presentation had that much of an impact! I am so thankful to our Father in Heaven for giving me that priveledge to address them and help them fulfill their missionary responsibilities.
One talk that has continuously come to my mind throughout the week is the one President Uchtdorf gave in Priesthood session a couple of years ago called "Lift Where You Stand." I don't know why, but the principles discussed in that talk have been so applicable as of late. We can make a big difference if we just make the most of the opportunities we have.
There is not much to report other than that, the work continues to progress! I hope that everyone stays safe despite Frankenstorms looming presence. I am getting so excited for Christmas! If I stay one moves longer, than I will be in Trowbridge for Christmas. We will see, we will see. That is six weeks away. Something else that I am really looking forward to is hearing from President Kearon (who apparently used to be Stake President of the Bristol Stake not too long ago) in a couple weeks time. I'm sure he will give a great message and I am also excited to be able to see many friends again!
My address is the same as it has been! I have LOTS of letters to respond to today hahaha I will do my best :) also SO excited to hear about where all my friends are going on their missions! Excitement is abound.
With love,
Elder Frederickson

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