Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve :)

Hello! So I am REALLY short on time today, because we are having a Zone P-Day in Southampton which is on the opposite side of the Zone. So this will just be a collective of thoughts that are related in no way, some spiritual and some not! :)
-HAIL TO THE REDSKINS... always makes me smile when I find out they win! Thanks to Dad for keeping me updated :) proud to have been a fan all of these years and to be able to say I am not a bandwagoner
-Last night, I remembered the whole #OccupyRexburg debacle and I laughed to myself
-Chichester is making TONS of progress... we are finally seeing the fruits of our labors! We are working closely with President in rearranging some things logistically about the area (flat location, etc) in order to maximize our effeciency in carrying out the Lord's work here. I think it will make a MASSIVE difference!
-Tomorrow is Christmas! I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
-I got an email from Elder Castro this morning informing me that one of our converts, Charlie, blessed the Sacrament yesterday :) that was one of the best presents that I could've gotten... it seriously made my day.
-Thanks to everybody who has sent Christmas cards and packages... you all mean the WORLD to me :)
-I won't have time to reply to all my emails today, but I will do my best to next week
-It's SO hard to believe that 2012 is pretty much over... 2013 will be a year that will be dedicated in it's whole to serving the Lord, and that is so exciting for me!
-Chichester ward is great and is taking care of me well! That being said, I miss Trowbridge and everyone there a lot as well.
-You're all in my prayers and I feel your prayers daily, they mean a lot.
-There is no such thing as too much news from home...

That's about all that is in my head right now.

Hope all of you have the merriest Christmas possible :)

With love,
Elder Frederickson

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