Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello everybody!
I am quite bummed that the Redskins lost, but I wouldn't want to miss them winning the Super Bowl, so that it okay.
I really enjoyed dad's comment regarding the Wizards- he said he would "spare the details" as he didn't want my "testimony to be shaken."
It has been another exceptional week in Chichester, as per usual. We are regularly finding people to teach and the work is progressing along nicely. We are working with some AMAZING families- I absolutely love the people here.
We had a really cool miracles this week regarding our quest for a missionary flat in Havant. Now, we initially wanted the flat to be located in Leigh Park, the largest council estate (government-provided housing) in the whole of England. We were told by our Bishop that this would be a BAD idea. We were very sad, as a lot of the less-active members and part-member families we wanted to wokrk with lived there. We decided, however, that we should respect his advice. We turned our attention to the other side of Havant, near the town center. We said an earnest prayer last Friday morning to be guided to the flat that the LORD would have us live in. That very day, the first flat we actually went inside, was the answer to our prayers. It was RIGHT by the bus and train stations and was in a very safe area. The flat is decent sized and even has potential to be a four-man flat. I absolutely love how the Lord answers the prayers of his servants. It was definitely a way cool experience.
We have a baptism scheduled for the 2nd of February! It was WAY solid and we are so excited! Keep it in your prayers everyone, it will be Chichester Ward's first baptism in about a year and a half! It will most certainly be amazing.
Today is my 7 month mark. Now, I recognize that's still not very much but regardless.. it is VERY hard to believe! I still feel fresh in the field. I've been in Chichester nearly two months. Time absolutely soars when you are diligently in the Lord's service.
This week, I would invite everyone to read Alma 18-30  I did this last week and my application of it had a MAJOR impact on the work in this area. It can have a powerful impact on all of our lives, regardless of our current stance in life.
We are going to Portsmouth to play some football with the Portsmouth, Hamble River, and (some of the) Southampton Elders! It should be a blast. We also have zone-training in Portsmouth tomorrow morning which should be lots of fun! :)
Hope everyone has an amazing week!
-Elder Frederickson

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